Inventories are the basis for conservation action. Taxonomy is the basis for inventories. The challenges to both make the science of conservation extremely difficult, as this is usually reflected in the lack of recommendations to conservation action and management. Fortunately, many a good taxonomist over the years has started compiling standard checklists. Journals like JoTT publish such lists as peer-reviewed documents. Some checklists are also published in books, however, with limited or no peer-review.

JoTT Checklists is a new section within the Journal of Threatened Taxa to present the inventories of different groups of biodiversity from different biogeographical and political regions. The template is a standard one used but with a few variations depending on how the authors wish to present. Importantly, the data are available for download as Excel sheets to help readers apply the checklists as readymade documents for analysis and for other purposes. Since the checklists are registered under Creative Commons International License 4.0, the copyright belongs to the authors. Users are expected to cite and acknowledge the source of publication whenever the data are used.

These checklists are dynamic, and the authors take the responsibility of updating them as and when new names become available, or there is any nomenclatural change. All changes are supported by the citation of the source. Changes in the list are reflected in the version under the ReadMe section of the Excel document.

Authors are encouraged to submit checklists based on previous peer-reviewed publications, to be considered under JoTT Checklists. In case there are no previous publications, it is suggested that the list is first published in JoTT as a paper and then extracted for inclusion. There are no limits to the checklists, and these are welcome from any part of the world.

Checklists by biogeographic zones Checklists by political boundaries Checklists by protected areas
Amphibians of the Western Ghats Bats of South Asia
Mammals of the Western Ghats Birds of Kerala    
Reptiles of the Western Ghats Freshwater fishes of Kerala  
  Mammals of Kerala  
  Mammals of Tamil Nadu  
  Spiders of Tamil Nadu  
  Bats of Afghanistan  
  Bats of Bangladesh  
  Bats of Bhutan  
  Bats of India  
  Bats of Nepal  
  Bats of Pakistan  
  Bats of Sri Lanka  
  Millipedes of India