Article Processing Charges

The following article processing charges are applicable for accepted articles in JoTT submitted from 01 April

Article category

Base charge up to 2 authors

Additional charge 3rd author and above (per author)


Monographs (Articles 36 printed pages or more, up to 64 pages. Larger issues will be calculated on a case-by-case basis)

INR 30,000 / USD 600

INR 2,000 / USD 40


Full length articles: Article, Communications, Reviews, Conservation Applications, Essays, New descriptions with phylogenetic analysis

INR 8,000 / USD 160

INR 2,000 / USD 40


Short length articles: Short Communications, Data Papers, Peer Commentaries, Viewpoints, Checklists, Classical new descriptions


INR 5,000 / USD 100


INR 1,000 / USD 20


Brief articles: Notes

INR 3,000 / USD 60

INR 500 / USD 10


Editorial, Response / Reply, Book Review, Addenda / Errata / Corrigenda

No charge

No charge

The APC are calculated considering various situations, including ability to pay for publication for those who
are unaided or underfunded. This is a simple payment model based on the ability for an average cost of
outing or purchase. And additional authors beyond the base charge for two-author will mean the individual
cost for each author further reduces overall, making the publication not dependent heavily on only funding
agencies, or hinder students from publishing either.