Schistura fasciata, a new nemacheiline species (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae) from Manipur, India

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Y. Lokeshwor
W. Vishwanath


A new nemacheiline fish, Schistura fasciata sp. nov. is described here from Barak River (Brahmaputra Drainage) of Manipur, India. The species is characterized by 11-13 dark brown transverse bars on the flank, moderately high adipose crest on dorsal and ventral side of caudal peduncle, three prominent dark spots at the base of dorsal fin, dorsal fin with 8.5 branched rays and an incomplete lateral line.

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Y. Lokeshwor

Y. Lokeshwar is a Junior Research Fellow under a project funded by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi. He is working on the inventory of the nemacheiline loaches of northeastern India. He is undergoing PhD on a relevant topic in the Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University.

W. Vishwanath

W. Vishwanath is a Professor in the Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University. His field of specialization is fish and fisheries. He is presently engaged in taxonomy and systematics of freshwater fishes of northeastern India.

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