Redescription of siluroid Catfish Pterocryptis barakensis Vishwanath & Nebeshwar (Siluriformes: Siluridae)

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W. Vishwanath
K. Nebeshwar


Description of Pterocryptis barakensis from the Barak River, Tamenglong District (Brahmaputra drainage) of Manipur, India is inadequate. It is distinguished from P. berdmorei (Blyth) and the only other known species of the genus from the Indian region in having longer caudal fin, distinct sensory pores, serration pattern on posterior edges of anterior and posterior segments of pectoral spine, rounded tip and colour of pectoral and ventral fin, dimorphism in genital papillae in males and females and by a combination of meristic and morphometric characters.

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W. Vishwanath

Dr. W. Vishwanath is a Professor in the Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University. His field of specialization is fish and fisheries. He is at present engaged in taxonomy and systematics of freshwater fishes of northeastern India.

K. Nebeshwar

Dr. K. Nebeshwar is Project Fellow in a research project on catfish phylogeny of northeastern India funded by NBFGR (National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources), Lucknow, an ICAR institute to Department of Life Sciences, Manipur University. He is well versed with fish taxonomy and is actively engaged in fish fauna exploration and description of new taxa in the region.

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