The genus Asterina (Asterinaceae) on the members of Myristicaceae in Kerala State, India

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V.B. Hosagoudar
A. Sabeena


This paper gives an account of three Asterina species infecting members of the family Myristicaceae, namely, Asterina knemae attenuatae infected the leaves of Knema attenuata, Asterina myristicae infecting the leaves of Myristica sp. and Asterina myristicacearum infecting the leaves of Myristica malabarica. Of these, Asterina myristicae and Asterina myristicacearum are found to be new species. All these three species are described and illustrated in detail and a key is provided to them. Key to all the species of the genus Asterina reported on Myristicaceae is also supplanted to this study.

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