Notes on the occurrence of Chitoria sordida sordida (Moore, 1866) (Nymphalidae: Apaturinae) in Tsirang District, Bhutan

Jatishwor Singh Irungbam, Mennakshi Singh Chib, Zdenek Faltynek Fric


Observations on the distribution of Nymphalid butterfly, Sordid Emperor (Chitoria sordida sordida (Moore, 1866) in southern Bhutan are presented in this paper.  The confirmation is based on four years of observation of species in the warm broadleaf forest of Tsirang during July to October.  The species is legally protected under Schedule II of the Indian (Wildlife) Protection Act, 1997.



Chitoria sordida sordida; Mendrelgang; Barsong; Bhutan; rare.

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