A first report of the presence of the Indian Wild Pig Sus scrofa cristatus from Kajinag Range, Kashmir, India

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Riyaz Ahmad
Intesar Suhail
Yash Veer Bhatnagar


Eurasian wild pig Sus scrofa is a widely distributed terrestrial mammal. In India, wild pig occurs from peninsular to north India. In Jammu and Kashmir, wild pig was naturally distributed in Jammu region but is mostly introduced in the Kashmir valley and became common along the eastern foothills of Kashmir mountains with Dachigam NP holding the core population. But there have been no reports of its occurrence in northern foothills of Kashmir. We for the first time report the presence of wild pig in the Limber and Lacchipora Wildlife Sanctuaries of the Kajinag Range in northern Kashmir.

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Author Biographies

Riyaz Ahmad, wildlife Trust of India

Project Head, Mountian Ungulate Project, Jammu and Kashmir

Intesar Suhail, Wildlife Protection Department, Jammu and Kashmir

Wildlife Warden

Yash Veer Bhatnagar, Nature Conservation Foundation International Snow Leopard Trust

Senior Scientist


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