Additional record of Batasio merianiensis (Chaudhuri 1913), a catfish (Teleostei: Bagridae) in upper Brahmaputra River drainage in Arunachal Pradesh, India

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L. Tamang
B. Sinha


This paper communicates the extension of the distribution range of Batasio merianiensis in Sille River in the upper Brahmaputra drainage, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh. Detailed examinations of the specimens revealed existence of few morphological variations against those reported by Heok Hee Ng in 2009 on the following characteristics: by having a longer preanal (70.4-73.4 vs. 66.3-68.2% SL); a longer prepectoral (25.1-29.3 vs. 21.4-25.7% SL); a longer adipose-fin base (22.0-27.6 vs. 16.9-22.2% SL); a shorter post-adipose distance (11.6-13.4 vs.13.4-15.5% SL); a deeper body at anus (depth 18.3-20.8 vs.15.2-18.4% SL) and broader head (width 17.6-20.0 vs.13.5-16.2 % HL). Few additional characters of the fish are included along with brief information on its habitat. The LIPUM, the semi-traditional method of fishing in the river is identified as a major threat to this species.

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