First record of the callianassid ghost shrimp Neocallichirus jousseaumei (Nobili, 1904) (Decapoda: Axiidea) from India

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Imtiyaz Beleem
Paresh Poriya
Bharatsinh Gohil


From India, two species of the callianassid ghost shrimp genus Neocallichirus Sakai, 1988 are known. In this study, Neocallichirus jousseaumei (Nobili, 1904) is first recorded from India based on a single specimen collected from intertidal zone of Diu coast.  A brief description for giving evidence of the identification and notes on habitat is presented. 

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Beleem, I., Poriya, P. and Gohil, B. 2019. First record of the callianassid ghost shrimp Neocallichirus jousseaumei (Nobili, 1904) (Decapoda: Axiidea) from India. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 11, 3 (Feb. 2019), 13402–13405. DOI:
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