Range extension and larval habitat of Lyriothemis tricolour Ris, 1919 (Odonata: Anisoptera: Libellulidae) from southern Western Ghats, India

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K.S.A. Das
K.A. Subramanian
K.G. Emiliyamma
M.J. Palot
K.A. Nishadh


Worldwide many species of odonates are known to use phytotelmata as a breeding habitat. Hitherto, no species are known to breed in phytotelmata in India. However, field studies conducted in the southern Western Ghats revealed that Lyriothemis tricolor Ris, 1919 (Libellulidae) uses tree holes as a larval habitat. Here we report the range extension of L. tricolor to southern Western Ghats and describe morphology of the larva, exuvia, and adult female. Based on the present study, we describe the larval habitat of L. tricolor in the southern Western Ghats. Our findings reveal that L. tricolor breeds in the tree holes of evergreen and semi-evergreen forests in the southern Western Ghats.

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