The Journal of Threatened Taxa (JoTT) publishes peer-reviewed scientific information on wildlife, conservation, taxonomy, ecology, behaviour, diseases, among other disciplines that build evidence for conservation of species and ecosystems globally.  Unlike other scientific disciplines where scientific data are used by academics and technologists to apply the findings, the findings in conservation have applications by academics, conservationists, managers, policymakers, and even common citizens and students as it deals with almost daily life approaches to preserve and conserve biodiversity to have a healthy living system.


Jottings is an attempt to break down the scientific findings in JoTT and other peer-reviewed journals to general audiences for a purposeful understanding and application of the results.  Digression of principles of ecology and conservation is all-pervasive, the detrimental effects due to the lack of knowledge can be dealt with making scientific knowledge easier to assimilate and distribute.  The summaries, overviews, write-ups, reports, stories and other forms of expression are all based on scientific publications with an attempt to make the principles understandable to apply.


Jottings is also a platform to express accounts of critical importance, which may have a basis for undertaking corrective measures, encourage more public participation, and even promote basic research and conservation action on the ground.


Welcome to Jottings!  If you are interested in contributing to Jottings, contact <sanjay@threatenedtaxa.org>.