Re-collection, extended distribution, and amplified description of Vaccinium paucicrenatum Sleumer (Ericaceae) from the Arunachal Himalaya in India

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Subhasis Panda


Vaccinium paucicrenatum Sleumer has been re-collected from three different districts of Arunachal Pradesh approximately after 91 years subsequent to I.H. Burkill’s collection (no. 36976, K) from Ripsing of outer Abor Hills (presently a part of East and West Siang districts nearby Pashighat area) of Arunachal Pradesh on 8 March, 1912.   Due to poor description by the earlier workers, the present paper provides amplified description based on field and herbarium data including leaf anatomy (leaf stomata and vein-islets), detailed extended distribution, live and herbarium images and distribution map for easy identification in the field.

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