1. JoTT follows the double-blind peer review process.
  2. Up to three referees will review the manuscripts, except those solicited from experts. In some instances more reviewers may be invited.
  3. Opinions, responses, replies, rejoinders, corrections, and addenda will be reviewed for facts.
  4. JoTT identifies subject editors only after the initial round of reviews. The Subject Editor will be picked from one of the initial reviewers or a new subject expert will be identified.
  5. Every manuscript will be assigned to a Subject Editor who, along with the Chief Editor, will be responsible in making the final editorial decisions.
  6. Some submissions are processed by Section Editors, who may act as Subject Editors after the review process.
  7. The Subject Editor's name will appear on the final published paper unless anonymity is requested.
  8. All reviews are double blind. However, should the reviewer wish to know the author names, the reviewer will have to reveal their name to the authors.
  9. Reviewers and subject editors of JoTT are volunteers. Although reviewer comments are expected within a month sometimes due to requests for extension from reviewers and non-availability of subject reviewers, the review process may take longer, the length of which cannot be estimated.