Foliicolous fungi of Andaman Islands, India

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V.B. Hosagoudar
S.P. Mathew
D. Babu


One month field collection tour resulted in the collection of more than 500 foliicolous fungi. Of these, 152 collections have been identified, resulted in recording 60 fungal taxa. Of these, one new genus (Andamanomyces), 16 new species (Andamanomyces fragariae, Asterediella anaxagoreae, Asteridiella colocasiae, Asterina eleocarpigena, Asterostomella dhanikariensis, Asterostomella ferrargunjensis, Irenopsis andamanica, Meliola andamanica, Meliola canarifolia, Meliola chukrasiicola, Meliola harrietensis, Meliola myristicacearam, Meliola parishiae, Meliola savarkarii, Meliola ternstromiicola and Schiffnerula chukrasiae) and one new variety (Meliola pithecellobii var.indica) are discovered. Meliola palmicola is reported here for the first time from India. All these taxa are listed but the novel taxa are described and illustrated in detail.

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