Species diversity and distribution of large centipedes (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha) from the biosphere reserve of the western Nghe An Province, Vietnam

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Son X. Le
Thuc H. Nguyen
Thinh T. Do
Binh T.T. Tran


A total of 12 scolopendromorph species from five genera and three families were recorded in three different habitats (wooden forest, mixed timber-bamboo forest, and bamboo forest) and at three elevation ranges (>1,000 m, 700–1,000 m, and <700 m) from the biosphere reserve of the western Nghe An Province. Eleven species were recorded for the first time in the area. Scolopendridae is the most diverse family with nine species. The number of species was highest at elevation <700 m (9 species), and lowest at 700–1,000 m (4). By habitat distribution, the bamboo forest had the lowest number of species (3). 

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