Geodorum laxiflorum Griff. (Orchidaceae), a new distribution record for Maharashtra state of India

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Ashish Ravindra Bhoyar
Swapnil Nandgawe
Syed Abrar Ahmed
Saduram Madavi


Geodorum laxiflorum Griff., an endemic orchid of India is collected for the first time in Maharashtra state. Gadchiroli district is a much known district of the state for its rich biodiversity.

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Bhoyar, A.R., Nandgawe, S. , Syed Abrar Ahmed and Madavi, S. 2022. Geodorum laxiflorum Griff. (Orchidaceae), a new distribution record for Maharashtra state of India. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 14, 2 (Feb. 2022), 20689–20691. DOI:


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