An overview of genus Pteris L. in northeastern India and new report of Pteris amoena Blume from Arunachal Pradesh, India

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Ashish K. Soni
Vineet K. Rawat
Abhinav Kumar
A. Benniamin


The present paper highlights a taxonomic account of genus Pteris L. (Pteridaceae E.D.M. Kirchn.) with newly reported species Pteris amoena Blume, which was collected from the Pange range of Tale Wildlife Sanctuary and Hapoli Primary Forest, Hapoli, Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh. The present communication is based on plant exploration and in-depth surveys done by the first two authors and through scrutiny of herbaria and literature. All the species are enumerated in this list along with worldwide distribution (outside India), local distribution in Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India as NEI included with other Indian states. Reported species shows some morphological closeness with P. terminalis Wall. ex. J.Agardh but differ in having bright pink axes and more rounded and crenately toothed segment-apices. All these characters differentiate to this species to its closely related species and testifying that P. amoena Blume as a new report to the Arunachal Pradesh.  Detailed description, distributional range, ecology and specimen examined of newly reported taxa are provided in this paper.

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