A new record of pyrenocarpous lichen to the Indian biota

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N. Rajaprabu
Gaurav K. Mishra


Pyrenula subglabrata (Nyl.) Müll. Arg. is reported as a new find to Indian lichen biota from Arunachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states.  The species is found growing on smooth bark trees of both the regions.

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Rajaprabu, N., Ponmurugan, P. and Mishra, G.K. 2021. A new record of pyrenocarpous lichen to the Indian biota. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 13, 1 (Jan. 2021), 17607–17610. DOI:https://doi.org/10.11609/jott.6885.13.1.17607-17610.


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