Reptilian assemblages in the wetlands of Amboli hill complex, northern Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India during the monsoon season

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Sachinkumar R. Patil
Kiran Choudaj


We studied the reptilian diversity in and around five man-made wetlands in Amboli hill complex of the northern Western Ghats, in the monsoon seasons from 2011 to 2015. During the study we recorded 37 reptile species: 26 snakes, 10 lizards, and one turtle. Several endemic, range-restricted and newly-described species were recorded. We recorded the Indian Black Turtle Melanochelys trijuga, which is under ‘Near Threatened’ category of IUCN Red List 2020. We observed the greatest species richness at Gavase and Dhangarmola wetlands, followed by Khanapur, Yarandol, and Ningudage.

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Patil, S.R. and Kiran Choudaj 2022. Reptilian assemblages in the wetlands of Amboli hill complex, northern Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India during the monsoon season. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 14, 2 (Feb. 2022), 20576–20583. DOI:


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