Revalidation of Santinezia albilineata Roewer, 1932 (Arachnida: Opiliones: Cranaidae)

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M.O. Villarreal
C.J. Rodríguez


Santinezia albilineata Roewer, 1923 is revalidated from the synonymy of Santinezia curvipes (Roewer, 1916). Both species, which inhabit the central northern costal mountain range in Venezuela, are illustrated and compared. Santinezia albilineata can be differentiated easily from S. curvipes, by the following characters of the males: development and direction of the ventral process of the coxa IV, direction of the retrolateral distal tubercle of the trochanter IV, perpendicular with blunt tip in S. albilineata and sharp and posteriorly projected in S. curvipes; retrolateral proximal tubercle of the femur IV absent, this is present in S. curvipes. The genital characters in S. albilineata are: ventral plate with five lateral setae, the three proximal aligned and larger. Distal setae distal straight. With two small mesodorsal setae. S. curvipes ventral plate with five non-aligned lateral setae, the basal largest and located at the height of the lateral expansion, the four remaining grouped medially. Absence of mesodorsal setae.

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Villarreal, M. and Rodríguez, C. 2011. Revalidation of Santinezia albilineata Roewer, 1932 (Arachnida: Opiliones: Cranaidae). Journal of Threatened Taxa. 3, 11 (Nov. 2011), 2202–2206. DOI:
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