Updated distribution of seven Trichosanthes L. (Cucurbitales: Cucurbitaceae) taxa in India, along with taxonomic notes

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Kanakasabapathi Pradheep
Ganjalagatta Dasaiah Harish
Muhammed Abdul Nizar
Kailash Chandra Bhatt
Anjula Pandey
Sudhir Pal Ahlawat


In India, lack of revisionary work in the genus Trichosanthes L. (Cucurbitales: Cucurbitaceae) over the past 38 years had resulted in several taxonomic and nomenclatural issues, which had implications in determining actual distribution status of taxa. Based on field observations, collected specimens, data from various specimens in herbaria and critical study of all the resources available, here we confirm the extended distribution of T. anaimalaiensis Bedd. in the states of Manipur and Nagaland; T. cordata Roxb. in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar; T. cucumerina L. subsp. sublobata (Kundu) K. Pradheep, D.R. Pani & K.C. Bhatt in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha; T. dicaelosperma C.B. Clarke in Nagaland; T. kerrii Craib in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur; T. majuscula (C.B. Clarke) Kundu in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam; and T. truncata C.B. Clarke in Nagaland. Two taxa, namely, Trichosanthes dicaelosperma and T. majuscula, earlier subsumed with T. ovigera Blume or T. cucumeroides (Ser.) Maxim., and T. dunniana H. Lév., respectively, have been resurrected at the rank of species. Lectotypes were designated for the names of above two species. For the first time, female plants of T. majuscula have been described. This communication provides an updated distribution status of seven taxa of Trichosanthes in India along with field and taxonomic notes, and additional taxonomic characters.

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