Total length and head length relationship in Mugger Crocodiles Crocodylus palustris (Reptilia: Crocodilia: Crocodylidae) in Iran

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Asghar Mobaraki
Elham Abtin
Malihe Erfani
Colin Stevenson


 This study quantifies the morphometric relationship between total length (TL) and head length (HL) for a sample of 53 Mugger crocodiles (43–280 cm TL) in Iran. Across the size range of crocodiles sampled, the relationship was best described by a linear regression (TL= 15.52 + 6.283HL). The average TL/HL ratio was 7.034, which is similar to that reported for other crocodilian species and confirms its usefulness for estimating TL based on HL during population surveys.

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