Assessment of threat status of the holly fern Cyrtomium micropterum (Kunze) Ching (Polypodiopsida: Dryopteridaceae) in India using IUCN Regional guidelines

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C. Bagathsingh
A. Benniamin


During the field survey in central Western Ghats of India, an interesting dryopteridoid fern species was collected from Nellikathrupodu Range of Billigiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Tiger Reserve of Karnataka.  After a critical study of literature, the specimen was identified as Cyrtomium micropterum (Kunze) Ching.  In India, this species is known only from its type locality Nilgiri and Palani hills of Tamil Nadu.  The present collection from the BRT Tiger Reserve shows its extended distribution and forms the first report for the state of Karnataka.  The present paper deals with the assessment and conservation status of Cyrtomium micropterum (Kunze) Ching in India in accordance with IUCN guidelines for the application of Red List Criteria at regional and national Levels, 2012, Version 4.0.  Detailed descriptions, photographs, microphotographs are provided for easy identification of this species.

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Bagathsingh, C. and Benniamin, A. 2021. Assessment of threat status of the holly fern Cyrtomium micropterum (Kunze) Ching (Polypodiopsida: Dryopteridaceae) in India using IUCN Regional guidelines. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 13, 1 (Jan. 2021), 17554–17560. DOI:
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