First record of ghost shrimp Corallianassa coutierei (Nobili, 1904) (Decapoda: Axiidea: Callichiridae) from Indian waters

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Piyush Vadher
Hitesh Kardani
Prakash Bambhaniya
Imtiyaz Beleem


A Callichiridae ghost shrimp species Corallianassa coutierei (Nobili, 1904) is recorded and described here for the first time from the Indian waters. Formerly, five species under the family Callichiridae were recorded from different coastal waters of India. In addition, C. coutierei was infested with several copepods. Additional description of C. coutierei with key characters and distribution status is given for this species. A comprehensive checklist of the infraorder Axiidea is prepared based on previous records from Indian waters.

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