Ecological importance of two large heritage trees in Moyar River valley, southern India

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Vedagiri Thirumurugan
Nehru Prabakaran
Vishnu Sreedharan Nair
Chinnasamy Ramesh


Large old trees are critical to maintaining biodiversity in forested landscapes, however, they are often overlooked in forest management and conservation.  This article exemplifies the ecological importance of two such large trees that belong to Terminalia arjuna and Hardwickia binata in the Moyar River valley landscape of Tamil Nadu, India. 

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Thirumurugan, V., Prabakaran, N., Sreedharan Nair , V. and Ramesh, C. 2021. Ecological importance of two large heritage trees in Moyar River valley, southern India. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 13, 1 (Jan. 2021), 17587–17591. DOI:


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