Is Bombus pomorum (Panzer, 1805) (Hymenoptera: Apidae) a new bumblebee for Siberia or an indigenous species?

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Alexandr Byvaltsev
Svyatoslav Knyazev
Anatoly Afinogenov


Bombus pomorum (Panzer, 1805) is known from Europe, Anatolia, the Caucasus, and to the Urals in Russia.  Two specimens have been collected in the south of western Siberia for the first time.  It is possible that the species is indigenous to Siberia but was not discovered until regular observations were made.  There is also a possibility that this observation results from an expansion of the range of B. pomorum.  We consider the evidence that our study coincided with a range expansion of the bumblebee species B. pomorum and B. sylvarum (Linnaeus,1761) near the end of 20th century.  The distribution and abundance of B. pomorum in Russia and conservation efforts are also discussed.

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Byvaltsev, A., Knyazev, S. and Afinogenov, A. 2021. Is Bombus pomorum (Panzer, 1805) (Hymenoptera: Apidae) a new bumblebee for Siberia or an indigenous species?. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 13, 1 (Jan. 2021), 17574–17579. DOI:


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