Range extension and first confirmed record of the Flightless Anomalure Zenkerella insignis (Matschie, 1898) (Mammalia: Rodentia: Anomaluridae) in Nigeria

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Dolapo Oluwafemi Adejumo
Taiye Adeniyi Adeyanju
Temidayo Esther Adeyanju


The Cameroon Scaly-tail Zenkerella insignis is the only known extant species in the family Zenkerellidae.  It is a rare mammal endemic to the thick rainforests of central and western Africa.  This species is so rarely encountered that the first picture of a live specimen was taken in 2015.  We encountered and photographed the elusive scaly-tail in the core zone of Omo Forest Reserve in Nigeria in May 2019.  Its behaviour was also observed.  This sighting is the first record of the Cameroon Scaly-tail in Nigeria and a significant westward range extension.


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Adejumo, D.O., Adeyanju, T.A. and Adeyanju, T.E. 2020. Range extension and first confirmed record of the Flightless Anomalure Zenkerella insignis (Matschie, 1898) (Mammalia: Rodentia: Anomaluridae) in Nigeria. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 12, 13 (Sep. 2020), 16900–16903. DOI:https://doi.org/10.11609/jott.5876.12.13.16900-16903.

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