A checklist of orthopteran fauna (Insecta: Orthoptera) with some new records in the cold arid region of Ladakh, India

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M. Ali
M. Kamil Usmani
Hira Naz
Tajamul Hassan Baba
Mohsin Ali


The study is mainly focused on the Orthopteran fauna of Ladakh. In the current field survey and literature survey, 29 species, 24 genera, 11 subfamilies, and five families belonging to four super families of Tettigonioidea (Krauss, 1902), Acridoidea (MacLeay, 1821), Eumastacoidea (Burr, 1899), and Pyrgomorphoidea (Burnner von Wattenwyl, 1847) are reported. The subfamily Gomphocerinae, and the following species Leva indica, Stenohippus mundus, Calliptamus italicus, Phaneroptera gracilis, Conocephalus longipennis, and C. maculatus are recorded for the first time from the region.

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