First record of the hawkmoth Theretra lycetus (Cramer, 1775) (Sphingidae: Macroglossinae) from Bhutan

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Sangay Nidup
Jatishwor Singh Irungbam


The present paper reports the sighting of the hawkmoth Theretra lycetus (Cramer, 1775) from Wangdue Phodrang district of Bhutan. Addition to the present species, we have 97 species of Sphingidae in Bhutan.

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Sangay Nidup, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Department of Forest and Park Services, Wangdue Forest Territory Division, Wangdue Range Office, Wangdue Phodrang 14001, Bhutan.

Forest Ranger, Department of Forest and Park Services, Wangdue Forest Territory Division, Wangdue Range Office.


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