Occurrence of Fulgoraecia (= Epiricania) melanoleuca (Lepidoptera: Epipyropidae) as a parasitoid of sugarcane lophopid planthopper Pyrilla perpusilla in Tamil Nadu (India) with brief notes on its life stages

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H. Sankararaman
G. Naveenadevi
S. Manickavasagam


Seasonal incidence of sugarcane planthopper Pyrilla perpusilla Walker (Hemiptera: Lophopidae) and its natural enemies was investigated at Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu during 2018.  In this study, Fulgoraecia melanoleuca, a parasitoid of sugarcane planthopper Pyrilla perpusilla was observed in large numbers in the field.  Brief notes on its biology, life stages, and extent of parasitism on the host were studied.  Per cent parasitization in nymph and adult was 47.54 and 45.09, respectively, during the month of August.  High resolution images of all life stages are provided to help in identification.


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