Occurrence of Mesostoma tetragonal (Müller) (Turbellaria) in the Deepar wetlands of Assam, India

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Girindra Kalita
M.M Goswami


Mesostoma tetragonum (Müller), a freshwater free living turbellarian occupies a niche in the aquahabitat of the Deepar wetlands of Assam (91036’-91042â€E and 26006’-26009’26â€N). The studied wetland is a Ramsar Site of India. Mesostoma tetragonum was recorded for the first time from the region. It was collected from the littoral stands of partly decomposed Eichhornia crassipes in the wetlands during scientific studies on the diversity of macro-invertebrate fauna. Some of the biological and behavioural aspects of the species were observed during laboratory rearing. A few relevant physical and chemical water parameters of its habitat are critically analyzed.

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