Study on biological and ecological characteristics of mudskippers

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Ali Reza Radkhah
Soheil Eagderi


Due to the ecological importance of mudskippers, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive reference about these fishes. Therefore, the present work aims to introduce the current book entitled " Fishes out of Water: Biology and Ecology of Mudskippers " edited by Zeehan Jaafar and Edward O. Murdy. This book contains 15 chapters published by CRC press in 2017. Because of its valuable content, this book has become a complete reference about mudskippers. This valid reference will be useful for a wide range of students, researchers and specialists in the fields of evolution, environment, fish behavior and physiology.

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Radkhah, A.R. and Eagderi, S. 2019. Study on biological and ecological characteristics of mudskippers. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 11, 7 (May 2019), 13948–13950. DOI:
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