Synanthropic acarine population associated with bird nests

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Sudipta Chaudhury
Salil K Gupta
Goutam K Saha


A systematic survey was carried out in Kolkata city to explore the diversity of synanthropic mites associated with birds’ nests, constructed in close proximity to human habitations like varandahs, balconies, inside rooms, etc. by common residential birds,. The study revealed the presence of 31 species of mites belonging to 23 genera, 12 families and 3 orders. Glycyphagus domesticus has been identified as the most predominant species in all the birds’ nests surveyed and a total of 9 species have been reported for the first time from this unique habitat in India. The nature of association and host specificity have also been discussed. The nature of association varied, may be parasitic, predatory and / or phoretic.

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