Diversity and distribution of orchids of Goa, Western Ghats, India

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Jeewan Singh Jalal


The Botanical Survey of India launched a pilot project during 2015–2017 on exploration of orchids of Goa State covering all the protected areas.  A total of 68 orchid species belonging to 28 genera were documented of which 42 are epiphytic and 26 are terrestrial.  Twenty-eight species are endemic, of which 23 species are strictly endemic to the Western Ghats, two are endemic to peninsular India, and three are endemic to the country.  Distribution of orchids in Goa is concentrated mainly in the Western Ghats region, which accounts for 86% of the total orchid species richness of the state.  The most favourable habitat was found to be semi-evergreen forests followed by moist-deciduous forests.  Among all the protected areas, the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary was found to be rich in orchid diversity (39 species) followed by Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, and Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary.  The MaxEnt data shows the highly suitable area for orchids in Goa is approximately 1,005km2, which is 27% of the total geographic area of the state.

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Jeewan Singh Jalal, Botanical Survey of India, Western Regional Centre, 7, Koregaon Park Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India.

Botanical Survey of India


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