A report on the herpetofauna of Tengchong Section of Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve, China

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Jian-Huan Yang
Xiang-Yuan Huang
Jian-Fang Ye
Shen-Pin Yang
Xing-Chao Zhang
Bosco Pui Lok Chan


We present the results from a series of herpetological surveys conducted in the Tengchong Section of Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve, Yunnan Province, China between April 2014 and November 2018.  A total of 59 species of amphibians and reptiles (one salamander, 30 batrachians, four lizards, and 24 snakes) were recorded during the surveys including three newly described amphibian species and 17 new records for Tengchong, 10 of which also represent new generic records for the area.  Natural history notes of some little-known species are presented.  Our survey results clearly demonstrate that the herpetofauna diversity of this mountain range is still underestimated and warrants further systematic study.

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