Taxonomic errors and inaccuracies in Sri Lanka’s Red List, 2007: a cautionary note

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M.M. Bahir
D.E. Gabadage


The IUCN assesses the status of species and produces Red Lists to facilitate conservation. We have examined the Sri Lankan Red List for 2007 and have found several errors and inaccuracies concerning taxonomic and scientific issues. We show here that conservation science and biodiversity research in Sri Lanka is being directed by conservationists who are not familiar with the science of taxonomy, presenting an obstacle for the development of biodiversity conservation. Clearly, not enough experts were involved in finalizing the Red List for Sri Lanka. It is incumbent upon taxonomists, conservation scientists, educators, conservationists, legal advisors, officials, funding agencies and politicians to work together to conserve biodiversity.

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M.M. Bahir

Mohomed M. Bahir, the coordinator of the Taprobanica Nature Conservation Society is a conservation research biologist working on freshwater crab and reptile taxonomy. Also, he has been working on amphibian life histories.

D.E. Gabadage

Dinesh E. Gabadage, the secretary of the Taprobanica Nature Conservation Society is a conservation field biologist working on Sri Lankan herpetofauna and promoting conservation awareness of the value of biodiversity among Sri Lankan community.