New plant distribution records to Indian states and addition to the flora of Myanmar

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Kanakasabhapathi Pradheep
Ganjalagatta Dasaiah Harish
Ranbir Singh Rathi
Joseph John Kattukkunnel
Sheikh Mohmmad Sultan
Khoisnam Naveen
Iyyappan Jaisankar
Anjula Pandey
Sudhir Pal Ahlawat
Rita Gupta


Plant genetic resource collection expedition across various parts of India and herbarium study of Amaranthus and Luffa genera at Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Kolkata and Coimbatore revealed the distribution of 18 plant taxa new to various Indian states/union territory, viz., Arunachal Pradesh (7), Andaman & Nicobar Islands (5), Jammu & Kashmir (3), Andhra Pradesh (2), Manipur (1), and Tamil Nadu (1).  Out of these, 14 taxa have importance as wild relatives of 12 crop species.  In addition, herbarium studies at the BSI, Kolkata revealed the natural distribution of a cucurbitaceous species – Siraitia siamensis in Myanmar, which remained unnoticed and unreported so far.  Locality of herbarium/ germplasm collection, habitat and other field observations have been highlighted here.

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