An insight into the ethnozoology of Panch Pargana area of Jharkand, India

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B. Kumari
S. Kumar


Panch Pargana area of Jharkhand stretches from the southeastern of Ranchi District to some parts of the districts of West Singhbhum, Saraikela and borders of West Bengal. The ethnic groups residing in this area include the Munda, Oraon, Bedia and Santhal. Many insects, molluscs, fishes etc. and their products are used by certain sections of these people for therapy and prophylaxis, individually or combined with some herbs. In this study specimens of such medically useful animals have been collected after surveying remote tribal areas and ‘village markets’ called ‘hats’. Personal views of Vaidyas, Pahans, knowledgeable elderly persons and patients who have been cured were documented through questionnaire. More than eight such ethnozoological examples, seven combinants, herbs hosting insects, and a fungus have been identified in the present study.

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