Anemone trullifolia and Berberis angulosa as new records to the flora of the western Himalaya, India

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Ishwari Datt Rai
Gajendra Singh
Gopal Singh Rawat


The western Himalaya represent an important and distinct botanical sub-region and biogeographic zone in the Himalayan Biodiversity Hotspot.  There is a long history of floral exploration in this region as compared to the eastern Himalaya; however, recent additions of several species to western Himalayan flora reveal remote areas yet to be explored intensively.  The present reports on Anemone trullifolia and Berberis angulosa from the subalpine-alpine areas of western Himalaya also emphasize the need for further exploration.  In this article, a brief description of these species is presented along with distribution, ecology, phytogeographical notes and photographs are provided for easy identification.


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