The composition and status of waterbirds of Perur Lake in Tamil Nadu, India

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G. Parameswaran
R. Sivashankar


The composition and status of waterbirds in Perur-Sundakamuthur Lake, a wetland in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, was studied from May 2014 to April 2016. This wetland is home to resident and local migrant birds throughout the year and is also used by winter migrant birds during a part of the year (September to March). From the data collected so far, the highest number of birds and species diversity was recorded from February to April. It is, therefore, imperative to maintain adequate water levels in these wetlands during these crucial months for the benefit of the northward migrating waterbirds. During the study period, it was also found that activities like road building could have had a deleterious effect on the number of birds that used this wetland. We recommend that similar studies be carried out in some of the adjoining wetlands of the area in a synchronous manner to further understand the subtlety of local avian movements within the greater Coimbatore area.

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Parameswaran, G. and Sivashankar, R. 2018. The composition and status of waterbirds of Perur Lake in Tamil Nadu, India. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 10, 11 (Oct. 2018), 12464–12488. DOI:
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G. Parameswaran, 438/11, Mayflower Apartments, 130, Vivekananda Road, Ramnagar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641009, India

G. Parameswaran is an engineering graduate from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India. He was employed in USA for nearly three decades, mostly in the field of logistics. His interest in birds led him into being a conservation activist and also one of the Board of Directors of Seattle Audubon Society, USA (2003–08). In that capacity he qualified himself as a Master-birder and led many field trips and bird surveys in Washington State. He is currently retired and lives in his home town of Coimbatore, where he is pursuing his passion of bird watching and learning Sanskrit.

R. Sivashankar, 110, Ramasamy Layout 1st cut, Ellai Thottam Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641004, India

 R. Sivashankar is an engineering graduate from Karpagam College of Engineering. He is currently employed as a Junior Manager at ROOTS INDUSTRIES INDIA LIMITED, an automotive ancillary. He is an active bird watcher and nature enthusiast, who contributes to systematic surveys in and around Coimbatore region. His interests include ecosystem conservation through citizen science activities and systematic data collection to understand avian movements.


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