A comparative study on dragonfly diversity on a plateau and an agro-ecosystem in Goa, India

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Andrea R.M. D’Souza
Irvathur Krishnananda Pai


The present study was carried out to fill the lacuna in the understanding of the diversity of odonates of Goa in general and dragonflies in particular on plateau and paddy fields in coastal villages—agricultural area at Velsao and Taleigao Plateau.  Diversity in plateau ecosystem was higher possibly due to a greater plant and insect diversity on the plateau, in comparison with the monoculture paddy agro-ecosystem.  Highest number of species recorded belonged to the family Libellulidae. Monthly diversity showed correlation with monthly average rainfall and humidity.

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Irvathur Krishnananda Pai, Department of Zoology, Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa 403206, India.

Professor of Zoology & Directo,r UGC-HRDC, Goa University, Goa-403 206


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