The Vulnerable Indian Skimmer Rynchops albicollis Swainson, 1838 (Aves: Charadriiformes: Laridae) breeding in Odisha, eastern India

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Subrat Debata
Tuhinansu Kar
Kedar Kumar Swain
Himanshu Shekhar Palei


The Indian Skimmer is a globally threatened bird native to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Vietnam.  In India, it is more confined to the north, from Punjab through Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh to West Bengal, extending up to Odisha.  Earlier, the bird was known to breed only in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, we confirm here the breeding of the Indian Skimmer along the river Mahanadi near Mundali, Odisha, eastern India.  So, further monitoring at the breeding site and survey along the entire Mahanadi River are essential to understand the status of the Indian skimmer in Odisha.  The information will also aid in reassessing its global status and formulating conservation plans.

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