Nemacheilus stigmofasciatus, a new species of nemacheiline loach (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae) from the Western Ghats, India

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M. Arunachalam
M. Muralidharan


A new nemacheiline loach is described from the Seethanathi river of the Western Ghats, Karnataka. The new species differs from others of the genus in having an incomplete lateral line extending up to the end of the pelvic fin, shorter snout (35.9 -39.4% of HL) and bigger eyes (28.1-31.3% of HL). Notable colour variation is present in the bands on the back (11-13) and blotches (6-8) evenly spaced along the lateral line.

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M. Arunachalam

Dr. M. Arunachalam has more than 20 years of resesrch experince in stream and stream fish ecology.

M. Muralidharan

Dr. M. Muralidharan has 8 years experience in the same fields.