Characterization of dorsal guard hair of the wild goats and sheep (Bovidae: Caprinae) occurring in the Himalaya and Western Ghats of India

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Manokaran Kamalakannan


The morphological and microscopic characteristics of dorsal guard hair of six species of the Indian goat-antelopes are described.  Although the cuticular characteristics of hair of all the six species studied are similar, the morphological, medulla and transverse section characteristics of hair are varied between the species.  The hair of Indian caprines can easily be identified on the basis of their unique medulla and transverse section.  The high-resolution microphotographs and key characteristics of hair are presented here and can be used as an appropriate reference for species identification of the wild goats and sheep occurring in the Himalaya and Western Ghats of India. 


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Kamalakannan, M. 2019. Characterization of dorsal guard hair of the wild goats and sheep (Bovidae: Caprinae) occurring in the Himalaya and Western Ghats of India. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 11, 3 (Feb. 2019), 13304–13309. DOI:
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Manokaran Kamalakannan, Mammal & Osteology Section, Zoological Survey of India, M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053, India. 

Dr. M. Kamalakannan is specialized in mammal taxonomy, he is currently working as Senior Zoological Assistant at the Mammal & Osteology Section of Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata, India. His research interests on taxonomic studies of mammal components housed in the National Zoological Collections, ZSI. He also specialized in identification of confiscated materials of mammals. He holds a PhD in Zoology for working on the tricho-taxonomy of Indian mammals.


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