New records of Termite species from Kerala (Isoptera: Termitidae)

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Poovoli Amina
K. Rajmohana
K. V. Bhavana
P. P. Rabeeha


The present taxonomic study on the termites of Kerala, reports six species and one genus for the first time from the state.  They are Odontotermes yadevi Thakur, Microtermes unicolor Snyder Grallatotermes niger Chatterjee and Thapa, Nasutitermes matangensis matangensis (Haviland), Dicuspiditermes gravelyi (Silvestri) and Microcerotermes minor Holmgren.  The Genus Grallatotermes Holmgren is documented for the first time from Kerala.  O. yadevi recovered from firewood is hereby added to the list of wood destroying termites of India.

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