Gentiana saginoides Burkill (Magnoliopsida: Gentianales: Gentianaceae) rediscovered from Sunderdhunga Valley in Uttarakhand 155 years after description: notes on its population status

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Dharmendra S. Rawat
Charan S. Rana
Harish Singh
Manish Karnatak


Gentiana saginoides Burkill (Gentianaceae) was described by Burkill in 1906 based on a collection from Sunderdhunga, Uttarakhand by T. Anderson in 1857. The species was not collected after its type collection despite attempts by several workers in the past. A field survey in and around the type locality was conducted in June 2012 and the species was re-discovered after a lapse of 155 years since its type collection. The species is tentatively categorised as ‘Critically Endangered’ based on field observations. A full description and diagrams of the species are provided here based on new specimens collected.

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Rawat, D.S., Rana, C.S., Singh, H. and Karnatak, M. 2016. Gentiana saginoides Burkill (Magnoliopsida: Gentianales: Gentianaceae) rediscovered from Sunderdhunga Valley in Uttarakhand 155 years after description: notes on its population status. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 8, 7 (Jul. 2016), 9048–9052. DOI:


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