Long-horned grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) in Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra, India

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Sunil M. Gaikwad
Yogesh J. Koli
Gopal A. Raut
Sadashiv H. Waghmare
Ganesh P. Bhawane


The present communication highlights the significant records of tettigoniids from Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Kolhapur, Maharashtra State.  A total of 11 species belonging to five subfamilies distributed over 11 genera are discussed.  Out of these 11 species nine are known from Maharashtra and two are new locality records.  Each subfamily is represented by only one species of which Phyllozelus (Phyllozelus) siccus siccus and Hexacentrus unicolor are new records to Maharashtra.


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