Status and diversity of snakes (Reptilia: Squamata: Serpentes) at the Chittagong University Campus in Chittagong, Bangladesh

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M. F. Ahsan
I. K.A. Haidar
M. M. Rahman


A study was conducted on the status and diversity of snakes of the Chittagong University Campus (CUC) between September 2013 and December 2014, and on preserved snake specimens of museums of CUC (Department of Zoology, University of Chittagong; Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, University of Chittagong; and Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong).  Thirty-six species of snakes belonging to 22 genera and five families (Typhlopidae, Pythonidae, Colubridae, Elapidae and Viperidae) were recorded from CUC during the study period. Colubridae comprised the highest (24 species i.e., 66.67%) number of species and Pythonidae the lowest (1 species). Checkered Keelback Xenochrophis piscator was the most common snake and the rarest was the Bengalese Kukri Snake Oligodon dorsalis belonging to the family Colubridae.  Among venomous snakes Banded Krait Bungarus fasciatus was the most common snake and Black Krait Bungarus niger was the most rare.  Their status in CUC has been assessed.


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