The nesting success of the Oriental Darter Anhinga melanogaster (Aves: Suliformes: Anhingidae) in the Yamuna Biodiversity Park, New Delhi, India

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S. L. Niangthianhoi
Faiyaz A. Khudsar


The Oriental Darter Anhinga melanogaster is a globally Near Threatened species that has been breeding in the Yamuna Biodiversity Park, Delhi since 2006.  This is a recently restored site with the help of plant species assemblage in the form of plant communities of the Yamuna River basin and restoration of wetland ecosystems.  A study was carried out during the nesting period of 2011 to assess the nesting success of the Oriental Darter in the park.  A total of eight out of the nine incubated nests (88.88%) were successful with hatchlings and one was abandoned within three weeks of incubation.  An average of 2.87 chicks hatched per nest with 2.1 fledglings per nest.  The males fed the nestlings more than the females during the study hours. The restored landscape, the Yamuna Biodiversity Park and its wetlands provide a suitable habitat for supporting the breeding population of many important birds including the Darter due to the availability of prey species, vegetation for roosting and nesting, and low disturbance leading to optimization of nesting of the Darters. 


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