Freshwater ichthyofauna in the Mullegama-Habarakada area, Colombo District, Sri Lanka

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B.S.A.T.H. Sudasinghe
P.W.D.T. Nilupul
S.P.J. Bandara


The diversity of fishes in a small stream in the Mullegama-Habarakada area of Sri Lanka was studied. A total of 16 species belonging to nine families were recorded, of which three are endemic and two are exotic to the country. The threats to the area include habitat degradation as a result of release of waste water, unmanaged waste disposal, sand mining and algal blooms. The abundance of Cherry Barb Puntius titteya was very low during the study period. This species is likely to be extirpated from Habarakada, unless urgent conservation measures are taken.

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